GPS tracked delivery



Livetrack Distribution provide a live GPS tracked leaflet delivery service. Our leaflet distributors are provided with their own tracker which records their position every five seconds. We also supply our distributors with an address list for every house in postcode order which makes the distribution more precise and efficient.

We are also able to map your chosen area and tell you exactly how many households that area holds, so you can order the correct amount of leaflets. In addition to this, we can provide you with mapped demographic data so you can target your direct marketing more precisely.

Once the leaflet drop has finished we will provide you with a full report which show the number of properties that were delivered to.

We provide various distribution options so you can get your marketing media delivered quickly and effectively. Below are the four types of distribution methods we provide.


Stand out from the crowd.
Prices start from £75 per thousand.

Our Solus distribution gives you much more flexibility over the areas your leaflets are delivered to. You can target your distribution down to the exact streets you want to deliver too.

With Solus you can also get started much sooner!

However, as you’re not sharing the costs of the distribution, this is our most expensive option.

shared leaflet delivery


Share the cost.
Prices from £35 per thousand.

Our shared delivery is a cost effective solution if you're on a smaller budget.

Choosing this option means your leaflets will be delivered along with other material.

We guarantee to avoid including the same type of service or products you supply.


Continue getting results.
Prices from (Call for quote)

With repeat delivery you can build your brand and emphasise the service you provide..

People are more likely to remember you and further exposure increases your chance of contact.

We can offer a further discount on quantity orders and deliver at specified intervals

targeted leaflet distribution


Targeted delivery.
Prices from (Call for quote)

If you require something specific, for example a gardening service leaflet that is only delivered to houses with gardens, we’re always willing to consider requests to tailor our services to fit your particular requirements.

Homes with 'for sale' signs are also the ideal target market for removal firms and home improvement services.

There are other possibilities too, so why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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